52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 51 & 52

I know I am really behind on posting this my apologies. I am in the process of figuring out what I want my next project to be for this year. Will keep you updated.

Week 51 – Books

IMG_2846I finally took my boxes of books to some used book stores on Whyte Ave last week and managed to sell a few and donated the rest. This whole process has really reminded me why I should not buy paper copy books. It is so rare that I will reread a book and I don’t enjoy storing them as I have no place to put or display them. Maybe if I ever have a spot for a library I would consider buying paper copies but since I use my Kindle and my beloved EPL so much it seems silly to spend extra money just to show them.

Will say going through them made me nostalgic. Good memories.

Weeks 52 – Jackets

I went through the girls’ jackets and donated those that no longer fit our youngest. In the rush of Christmas I completely forgot to snap pictures though.


4 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Less Stuff – Week 51 & 52

    • Do it! It is amazing the mind shift you get once you start. I shop differently now, I know the traps I tend to fall for, I am more aware of them and try to ensure I don’t stumble back into them. 🙂 Plus, it is SHOCKING the things you keep.

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