A Lifestyle of De-Cluttering

Last year I did a challenge with Janine over at My Pennies, My Thoughts for 52 Weeks of Less Stuff, which was 1 item per week you had to either donate, sell or toss. I loved the challenge and it really shifted my mindset about how I viewed want and need; rethinking how I make purchases and why I keep useless items.

The year is now over and I want to keep going with something I just have nothing fully fleshed out of what that will be. I probably will continue to do 1 item per week (as really the routine of de-cluttering is a good one) but there are drawers/closets/rooms in our house that I want to de-clutter and reorganize. I think will be my project for this year. I don’t know how many updates I’ll do per month but I will definitely keep you posted as I go through out house.

I am going to start with our linen closet, as it has been on my list for a long time. When we moved the previous owners left all the decor for the window seats that are in both the girls rooms. The decor, while nice, was not even close to my style but I had left it thinking I would re-fabric it (who was I kidding!? That is so not me) but it’s been a few years and it’s still be sitting in the linen closet along with all the decorative pillows.

IMG_3102I cannot believe I am posting the mess of this closet. I am embarrassed for myself, but what is the point of doing this if I don’t show the crazy parts. I am not perfect and I think this picture really gives a visual for that.

I started by donating all the stuff in the top left. That was all the decor that was left, along with the large form pads for the window benches (not pictures) that were still in the girls’ rooms.

After that I pulled everything out and started sorting. Stuff got donate and reorganized. I am not 100% happy with the end result. Part of me wants to get bins to fold the towels in for an even cleaner look but that may not be functional either and I wouldn’t mind a spot/bin for backups (shampoo, conditioners, body wash, toothpaste…etc)

IMG_3104Here is the finished look. Like I said above I am debating getting some white fabric bins to put some of the smaller items in for a cleaner look. I don’t often have to touch the linens so it’d be safe to put them in something. Also I have an air mattress I keep for when guests arrive and I am hoping to eventually do a trundle in one the girls’ room. That way when we have guests with kids I will have a spot for the little one(s) to sleep and then I can move the air mattress back to the garage.

I wish I had snapped a picture of all that I donated because it was a rather large pile of miscellaneous stuff. If I do any more organizing AKA bins I will snap another picture to update. What are your thoughts on the bins, good idea?


5 thoughts on “A Lifestyle of De-Cluttering

  1. Bins are definitely a good idea, especially for all the little stuff. I like the look of them too. The problem I have with bins/baskets/etc in my house is that stuff collects there and it’s so easily hidden – even from myself – that somehow even more junk piles up in them. I recently went on a rampage looking for the battery charger for my camera and went through probably 15-20 baskets of random stuff throughout my house before I finally found it (in a basket, in my closet, haha). I was amazed at how much I had collected. Yikes. I should obviously do something about my basket obsession. Anyway, baskets CAN be a good thing as long as they are not just another “stuff” collector, as mine have become!!! πŸ™‚

    • I find that happens at my desk and one of the front closets (sort of my go-to place for things to deal with later). Don’t you find the initial organizing is so much fun and easy but it is the consistency of upkeep that gets you? Or at least that’s what can happen to me. Takes discipline to keep up with all the organization. If I do the baskets I will do an update post with pictures.

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