Oh-la-la Valentine’s Nails

The other day I decided to pull out some blank nail sets and play with designs and colors for Valentine’s Day. What started with 1 idea morphed into 4 sets of nails. I picked all colors that are similar with ones in my CND Shellac, Orly Gel FX and NSI Polish Pro collections. If you are interested in booking an appointment I would love to have you come in: lisarattai@gmail.com

IMG_3192WMEssie – Turquoise & Caicos

I got inspired after doing my 6yr old’s nails in almost this exact pattern (I did take a picture but her teeny tiny fingers were so small it was hard to see the design). I now have Mint Convertible by CND Shellac so I recreated them on a larger canvas. The polka dot hearts could be my favorite; I love how that little added detail makes the heart a bit more unique and cute. Lots of variations with this, a full rock-star could be added (you know I love some glitter) or even with a fine grained silver glitter for a fade.

IMG_3186WMEssie – Muchi, Muchi & Rimmel – 805 Grey Matter

Unlike the set above here I did a mix of designs. Both sides are individual themes, however looking at it all together I think you could take a bit from each set to make a cute Valentine’s set as well. Also, I am loving creme pinks with greys. I think they are so modern and adorable, just really girlie without being girlie.

IMG_3184WMEssie – Fiji & Rimmel – 805 Grey Matter

Oh floral nails how I love you. These are adorable! From the polka dots to the floral to the lines, I just love them all. As for a variation I wouldn’t mind substituting some dots for tiny hearts. But these just as they are would be perfect.

IMG_3190WMEssie – Watermelon & Set in Stones

A deep pink with silver accents screams Valentine’s! I especially love the hand scripted ‘love’ and think the rest of the design suites it. On the pinkie there is ‘xoxo’ on the side but you can’t see it from this angle, I think I’d move it down the center or maybe even a tic-tack pattern.

Again, if you are interested in coming in, I would absolutely LOVE to have you come in.

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