Functionality & Fireflies

I like to think I am a parent that does not encourage kids to keep the little trinkets and junk that can accumulate however when I decided to tackle my oldest daughters room post Christmas I realized that was complete crap. Or…I had gotten too slack with Christmas approaching/coming/passing. Whatever the cause was it cannot happen again.

Like the last post in which I posted my messy unfolded linen closet, I will continue with this disclosing my messiness.

IMG_3090Sweet goodness control was lost when I started with her room! An interesting quirk about kids, or at least mine, is that they can scribble on a piece of paper and it no longer is a scribbled on piece of paper because it is now a secret ancient treasure map that will lead us on an adventure. And somehow as that thought zips through their mind that piece of paper becomes very important to them and suggesting that we toss it is criminal. I adore that kids have imaginations and I encourage mine to create those fun games…but after a week, the scribbled paper is no longer a secret map, it is in fact just a scribbled on piece of paper and I don’t want to save it. Finding that balance is tricky and so when I started with her room I first had to prepare her that some treasure maps and empty gift bags were going to have to be tossed to make way for new ones.

IMG_3201Tackling the window bench area was top priority. For a while I had wanted to move A’s books from the top of her closet to inside the window bench so she could have access to her them. Since we had moved in I was using the space under the bench as my own storage spot. Moved my stuff out and moved her books in and man it made a huge difference. She absolutely LOVES having all her books there and I love that I don’t have to put away the books anymore; a win-win.

The dollhouse was mine from when I was a girl but A just never uses it. When she plays with Barbie’s she sets up on the floor and the house is HUGE and generally becomes a-go-to place for A to store ‘stuff’. No, I did not toss or donate, I simply re-stored it. If we had a designated play room in the house I would have put it there but it takes up a HUGE amount of space in her room, maybe in 6 months I’ll put it out again to see if it gets used more.

IMG_3205LEGO Friends has been on A’s list for quite awhile and she got some for Christmas. Up until this point she had been using my own girl LEGO from when I was a kid and it fit nicely under her bed in a tupperware bin and she would (and still does) take it out and build something of her own. The new LEGO I knew she would want built and then left built so she could play, that meant a way to store that was A.) easy for her to access  B.) not easy for lil A to get to C.) that kept all the tiny pieces together so they didn’t get lost. Yay for Canadian Tire’s excellent selection for storage. I found this fantastic option! I actually purchased 2, 1 for LEGO and 1 for Barbie’s. What I love about these is that both slide perfectly under the bed and I love how the lid opens from both ends; you don’t need to pull it fully out from under the bed, only halfway to open.

You know you’ve made good changes when your child can do the clean up without help. I love watching her play with her LEGO on top of the window bench (that now acts as a pseudo desk) or sitting going through her books and really in the end that’s what counts. It doesn’t really matter if it is functional for us parents but more if it can work for them. Yes I want it to look good but I want them to feel like their rooms are places that they can go and be kids. Be creative, build a treasure map, get lost in a book or build worlds with LEGO.

IMG_3198Before you met me i was a fairy princess
I caught frogs and called them prince
And made myself a queen
Before you knew me i traveled ’round the world
And i slept in castles and fell in love
Because i was taught to dream– Faith Hill “Fireflies”


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