Book Goals & Sub-Goals

Dr.-Suess-Motivational-Quotes-images-inspiration-26Books! Books! Glorious books! I accomplished my reading goal last year (Goal 100, Read 175) and again this year I am making it for 100. However…I would like to add some sub-goals this year, make sure I get some variation. I tend to get into reading niches and while I will read other things I wouldn’t mind ticking off some books I’ve had around for awhile but seem to get pushed down my TBR for other books.

Out of my 100 Book Goal I would like to read…

  • 5 3 Self-Help/Inspirational/Parenting/Relationship-esque type books. (Making Marriage Simple by Harville Hendrix, Unlimited by Jillian Michaels)
  • 3 2 Biographies/Memoires/Celeb written books (Boston Rob Rulebook by Rob Mariano)
  • 2 1 Books that have been on my TBR since the start (Premeditated by Joslin McQuein

I know 10 out of 100 does not seem like a huge variation but so often these types of books get bumped down for others and I would like to read them. Last year I figured once I read by 100 books I would try to read other styles of books…but I got suckered into other reads. Anyway, at this point I am rambling. Excited for reading year ahead and will keep you updated about what books I’ve read for these sub-goals.


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