Link Love featuring The Thing About Supper

chicken-enchiladasA friend of mine (and local YEGGER) has started an amazing supper blog called The Thing About Supper! Kristin does a weekly meal plan at the start of the week and then will add the recipes through out the week. But what I love about the blog is that her meals are easy, I am not an amateur chef so I find some food blogs just a bit daunting. Either I have no idea what they are talking about or I need to go to a whole bunch of specialty stores to pick up the ingredients. With kids, numerous stops for groceries sounds like no fun.

Plus she is funny! Her writing style and humor makes for a delightful read! I feel like she gets the constraints of cooking with/for kids and that not all Moms are what we see on Pinterest & Instagram & FB. Her realism makes her one of my favorite stops for food. If you like eating or need some inspiration for food I really recommend her blog.

She has not posted a recipe in which I have felt overwhelmed with the possibility of cooking it. Plus she does pictures! I love pictures!

Go check out her blog, leave her a comment, try the recipes and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Link Love featuring The Thing About Supper

  1. Lisa! This is SO kind! Thank you for writing this little feature about my blog. I have stepped away from the blog over the last week or so for various reasons but you have me all inspired to step RIGHT back in 🙂 Thank you SO much. I’m so glad you like it and any time I’m feeling down about blogging I am definitely heading back to this post for a pick-me-up!!!

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