‘Stuff’ You’ve been Evicted

As you know I am not doing 52 Weeks of Less Stuff this year but I do want to keep decluttering. So I was thinking that perhaps once a month I would do a post of items I have donated/sold/tossed. I am sure some months there will be lots and others less, but either way you can all get the enjoyment of see what has been evicted. And don’t forget to check out this post with items that I have for sale.IMG_3119

SOLD The Brag Travel Set. So glad I got this off my hands and thank you Kijiji for making it possible.

IMG_3100As you can tell by the large dust collection this has not been used in a good long time. Off to a donation center it went.

Car Seat, which I did not think to take a picture of. It had expired so regardless if we have more or not off it went to a local Eco Station.




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