Glitter Glam

As a Glitter lover and addict I thought I would start to share some of my favorite glitters, so welcome to Glitter Glam the newest feature on my blog.

IMG_3079WMThis month I thought I’d show you my all time favorite gold. Art Glitter in Sand (Ultrafine Opaque). It is stunning! This is the perfect gold, not too yellow or brassy. I have not found a color that it does not compliment or work perfectly with or a skin tone that it doesn’t go with. It is hands down my go-to gold and my clients love it too, which is what really matters.

Here is the glitter on a set of Shellac’s. It took me awhile before I found this glitter and I have a few golds that I tried before finding this shiny sparkly pot of perfection. Pretty much every gold you have seen on my Instagram is using this glitter.

IMG_3065WMI used the gold for these Christmas nails well. To get a slightly different look I really tried to pack and burnish the glitter on to get a more foiled look.

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