Tupperware Drawer of Terror

IMG_3226I was never one of those parents that let my kids destroy the Tupperware drawer, I just didn’t like the mess or the work of having to re-clean everything they touched. Yet, somehow in the last month this drawer just went to doghouse. I do keep little plastic bowls for the girls and now that they are older they will go in there to grab them if I am giving them a treat. But this mess is not even close to their fault, it started with having to pull larger containers out and then looking for something and storing more easy to toss yogurt containers.

IMG_3228But while I re-put together this drawer I also went through the copious amounts of lids I had accumulated. I don’t know how I didn’t get these did not end up tossed when their respective containers did.

Seriously! Look at all of these?? So that took up a good chunk of space in the drawer and cleared up some good drawer real-estate. With all these lids now homeless I tossed them into the recycle.IMG_3227 Oh…and a microwave bacon maker also went to the clear recycle bag.

The finished product looks far more organized and pretty much back to its original state, minus a stack of useless lids. I love a clean drawer, makes me so happy. And…it reminds me that I cannot wait to try out those pink homemade Popsicle makers. Anyone have a yummy, healthy recipe I can do for the girls?


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