Swatches & Review on CND Paradise Collection & Additives

I got my giddy hands on this collection and so pretty in real life. I am going to start with the new CND Additives.

IMG_3250Left-Right: Sizzling Sand, Island Heat, Pink Lotus, Tropical Sunrise & Midnight Tide

Sizzling Sand, Island Heat & Midnight Tide all have a shimmer to them, Midnight Tide has the most close to a glitter. Pink Lotus and Tropical Sunrise are the matte ones.The colors are so vibrant, I only wish ALL the Additives were matte and instead of Sizzling Sand (the white) that we got a green or a purple in neon. There are a lot of white Additives, even though each are different I feel that we would not be missing out if they didn’t include this one.

All the colors, like the Additives, are very vibrant and great for summer. I have to say the stand out colors for me is Cerulean Blue and Bicycle Yellow. I love how bright these two are and feel that they are the most unique of the collection.

I am quite happy with this collection and excited to do some pretty nailart featuring these new colors.

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