May the Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Day Nails

Before I get to this nail post I need to apologize. Firstly, so sorry for being MIA. Honestly, real life just got incredibly busy and the posts that I had scheduled for upload only took me so far. But, I am back now and it seems like my schedule has slowed a bit where I can get back into the swing of things. I have really missed blogging! Thanks for all sticking by me and I promise it won’t be a habit. Secondly, I had this ready (pictures taken and everything) and wanted to post on Monday but it got delayed so I am posting a day later but I did not want to wait until next week because then it would just be tragically late.

Now onto the Star Wars nails. Cue The Imperial March music!

IMG_3428WMI did two sets (as you can tell) the top is R2D2 themed and then the bottom is Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. For the bottom you could probably do just one or the other but I like the combo of the two of them together.

IMG_3441Revlon – Spirit  //  Orly Liquid – Vinyl  //  Orly – Witch’s Blue  //  Orly Instant Artist Black & Silver

Did any of you lovely readers do anything for Star Wars Day? And have any of you adopted May 5th as Revenge of the Fifth? Shout out to @DepressedDarth for introducing me to this fantastic new day to celebrate Star Wars.

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