Mythos Academy Series

17448097As a fan of Vampire Academy series it wasn’t really unexpected that I fell in love with this series and if any of you enjoyed VA than I really recommend you pick up MA. Honestly, this series kept my attention throughout and I love that Estep ended this before it got repetitious and boring. Of course if in a few years she decided to bring the series back with the cast having aged and Gwen more confident in her ability I’d be all for it. I’d love to read about a mature Gwen and how Logan has dealt with his own issues and to find out where they are at.

But I am getting  ahead of myself. What I loved about this series is Gwen. She is a fantastically written main character. Not only is she unique and quirky, but she gets dumped into this mythological world along with us. I loved how confused and unsure she was in this new world she found herself in. I’ve said this before but going into this I had no clue about mythological characters. No clue other then Zeus and Venus and that’s about as much as I really remembered from school. So while reading these books I appreciated that we got the information along with Gwen, though maybe for those that know a lot would find that less enjoyable.

It is crazy how much Gwen and her cast of hero’s have grown. Even the ones that were pretty kick butt in book one have morphed into these epic warriors. All the books had great action, fast paced plot and again, strong characters.

While I’m sad that this amazing series is over I’m so glad that it Estep knew when it was time to end. This was the perfect way to end it.



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