100 Happy Days


I started this journey after one of my friends and fellow YEG Blogger Janine over at My Pennies, My Thoughts started it. In general I am a happy person; don’t find that I need to up my happiness. I know how that sounds but it’s true. I get excited about the little things in life and doing this 100 Happy Days just seemed like something fun!

Have to say it has been fun…but it has also become one of those things I need to do. Double edged sword I guess. I know the purpose of it is to make us slow down and pay attention to what is around us but I hated on those crazy busy days remembering to capture a moment.

Still, it was fun to do and looking back I loved all those little moments I snapped with my girls. Moments are precious and time moves by so quickly.



One thought on “100 Happy Days

  1. I almost felt a little empty when I was done, I was like but I have so many things to be happy about I want to share them with everyone! Congrats on finishing the project, coffee soon!

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