Healthy Beauty Love

Grappe dde raisin noirI have recently gotten hooked on a new beauty product and before I mentioned it I wanted to give it a solid go. After a few months of trying I am so glad I did and excited to tell you all about it!

For years I have tried various moisturizers hoping to find that dream product. My skin is combination, oily T-zone with a bit of dry skin (at times) on my cheeks. I’ve tried skin products for oily skin to help, or combination products and none have really worked! It’s been a frustrating battle! So when I was told to give Grape Seed Oil a try, I was willing but leery. Putting oil on my face seemed an odd thing to do when one has oily/combination skin. But after reading some of the benefits I started to use it. I figured it couldn’t make it worse.

This stuff is magic! Straight magic! The fear of it making my skin more oily was silly, it has actually done the opposite! It’s brought balance back to my face! My skin feels and looks healthy. No more oily and dry patches!

I can’t say if it’s helped with anti-aging but with acne it has and my pores are fantastic! Honestly I am a big fan of this stuff. It soaks into the skin nicely, makes applying foundation a DREAM. I can use a higher coverage of foundation but get a natural, blended look, this is a whole new world for me! Normally any sort of foundation that was fuller coverage made my skin look icky and now not! Win-win!!

Have you tried Grape Seed Oil? What’s your favorite skin care product?



2 thoughts on “Healthy Beauty Love

    • I rub it all over and down my neck, as well as my chest at night. You don’t need much, start with less as a little goes a long way. This stuff is amazing! I can’t wait to hear how you like it once you start using!

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