Make Up Hoarder!

I love makeup! I have every since I was a little girl! I have fond memories of her giving me the mini lipsticks that Avon would sometimes hand out as a bonus. Or the lipstick samples in those pill-like packages! One Christmas I got this awesome teal fanny-pack (yes, there was a time when those were super cool) and inside was all this Merle Norman makeup, some samples and minis! I was maybe in Grade 1 or Kinder, either way I was so excited!

p251923_1_ca_en_ca_grThroughout my teens I probably stepped a bit away, I had some skin issues and my Mom was never BIG into makeup. She has gorgeous freckles and red hair and does not need a stitch of anything to look flawless. But as I got older I wanted more and more makeup; once married I just could not get enough. At one point I thought I would love to become a makeup artist. I loved the creativity and colors!

With all this said I have quite a collection of makeup. I probably have a problem because when new products are out I need it! It’s like an itch that must be scratched! I will say that in the last couple of years I have gotten better. Doing the 52 Weeks of Less Stuff Challenge really helped me rethink my purchases. I even did a makeup purge last year about a month ago I decided to go through my makeup drawers (yes plural) and do another purge. An hour later my bathroom trash can was full! (For some reason I did not snap a picture) It was liberating and sad to see all the ‘stuff’ I had accumulated.

What is the one thing you can’t help buy but don’t use nearly enough?


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