Nailart Haul!

Hello lovelies! I could not resist picking up some more goodies! My first purchase was 2 new glitters. The first one is a lavender purple, which I know is not overly fall but it is so pretty! I can’t wait to mix it with some other glitter to create some custom glitters. The next one is a stunning glitter mix. It looks light in the first photo and then in the next it looks quite dark. I cannot wait to do a full set with this glitter!

Next is a new color; Poolside by NSI Polish Pro. This color is a gorgeous teal with the faintest shimmer, it is a shade I have been searching out for awhile. I want to do a grey and yellow set with this color so badly!

I also purchased a lot of nailart as well! Went a bit crazy! Both gold and silver triangle and circle studs, I still want to buy some more and will probably do so online. Then a wheel of various color nail jewels, a wheel of ‘diamond’ & black various shape jewels and finally two sets of 3D bows.

My last purchase was some NailThins. I have never tried out this product before but I am so excited! They are suppose to work with Shellac and give instructions on how to use. I really want to use those owls on Ava’s nails, adorable! Once I used them I’ll have to post a review of my thoughts.


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