Almond on my Fingers

I recently did Almond nails on myself. I have done them a time before but removed them the next day, thank you CND Brisa Lite. I am so torn about them! I love the fun art you can do and how on-trend they are. They make my fingers look long and elegant but man! They are messing with my texting and typing! I feel like a gangly foal learning to walk! Constant mistypes and my WPM are drastically down!

What are your thoughts on the almond shape nail trend? Are you loving? Do you have them? Are you a short nail lover?


6 thoughts on “Almond on my Fingers

    • You know…one can spellcheck and re-read before hitting that ‘schedule/post’ button and still miss things!

      There is DEFINITELY a learn curve! And I think I poked my daughter once or twice while helping her dress. Tricky process.

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