The Truth About Love by Sheila Athens

22046845Title: The Truth About Love

Author: Sheila Athens

Strong Convictions
After her testimony sent an innocent man to prison, law student Gina Blanchard vowed to spend her life righting that wrong. She passed up more prestigious opportunities to intern at a Tallahassee nonprofit dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions. But when she catches the eye of sexy green-eyed hunk Landon Vista, she realizes there’s room in her hardworking life for a little fun. Then she learns her newest case involves the man accused of murdering Landon’s mother…and possibly setting him free.

Stronger Passions
The people of Tallahassee still see Landon Vista as their golden boy and football hero…and as the man who tragically lost his mother. Yet Landon hides his emotional scars behind his handsome smile. While working for a senator who’s tough on crime, he finds himself keeping an eye on gorgeous redheaded Gina in more ways than one. But as their passion simmers, their secrets build…until Gina’s latest case collides with Landon’s heartbreaking past, threatening to tear them apart forever – Goodreads

My Thoughts: A copy of this book was graciously given to me through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a really smartly book. I have not been able to say that about too many books but when it comes to this one I can. It reminded me of The Life of David Gale in regards to content but the romance was really compelling.

From the start Landon and Gina are drawn to each other, their chemistry is palpable. Even when the popp hits the fan they are still sparking, maybe even more so. There is nothing better than two characters that feel opposed to the others beliefs but unable to stop thinking about them. That’s something that worked so well in this book. Sheila Athens really gives great content for these two to work around as they stumble around figuring out where the other’s head and heart is at.

I would definitely read more by Sheila! I so enjoyed how she mixed a strong topic with fantastically written characters and a moving plot!  ||  Chapters  ||  Goodreads


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