A Safe Space by E.M. Tippetts

22021413Title: A Safe Space

Author: E.M. Tippetts

Summary: Everyone needs a safe space.

For Lizzie Warner, that space has always been in front of the camera on her hit show, or on stage to a sold out concert arena. Since before she can remember, she’s been a star, but that may be about to change.

She’s nineteen. Her show has been cancelled and now she’s going to play the lead in a new prime time drama series, but is the world ready to take her seriously, or will she be typecast as the cute tween queen forever?

Her network has decided to be aggressive and has invested millions of dollars in an ad campaign for her show, money she’s not sure she can earn back. Her co-star can’t stand her, and the writing for the show turns out to be poor at best. The only reason Lizzie didn’t walk away from the job offer to begin with is because she’s broke, the victim of a decade of bad money management.

Then there’s Devon, the personal trainer at her gym. Arrogant and abrasive, he’s the last guy she should ever find attractive, but she has a hopeless crush on him anyway, and he doesn’t seem entirely disinterested either. In fact, sometimes he’s downright sweet to her. If only he weren’t an untamable bad boy who uses and dumps women like they’re nothing. Though Lizzie’s friends warn her to stay away, he’s the only person who can create what she needs: a safe space. But is there any way she can break him of his years’ long habit of being a user? – Goodreads

My Thoughts: A copy of this book was graciously given to me through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a really heartbreaking book, which I was not expecting. The emotional heartbreak was intense! I went in expecting a fluffy romance and got a punch to the gut; and I loved it!

Lizzie is what I imagine a lot of young celebrities to be like. I loved her voice and insecurities; she really read honest. And her struggles with Devon were perfect! In fact, I was delighted when push came to shove Lizzie demanded more. I often find in books that females are so easily swooned into forgiveness by their male counterparts, and while forgiveness is good I love when the females are not so easy to forgive. I know it is a book, but young girls are impressionable and I like when books show females not willing to give in just because the guy is good looking. I like when they know their worth and make the guy work for it.

Will definitely be checking out more books by Tippetts and excited to read more from this series!

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