CND Shellac Flora & Fauna Semi-Collection

IMG_3654Left to Right: Creekside & Field Fox & Thistle Thicket

Creekside is stunning! Jan Arnold describes this collection as inspired by nature and “dreamy water colour paintings”. This color was definitey inspired by all of those. This is a beautiful pastel blue, it’s almost a blue-ish grey. I love this color!

Field Fox is an opaque light brown nude, with almost a hint of pink. It is gorgeous! Unique to the CND Shellac collection, which is fantastic! I love being able to offer my clients an endless array of colors. I think this color is going to be in high demand!

Thistle Thicket, why oh why are you only in the Vinylux Collection?!? This could be the most beautiful pastel purple I have ever seen! It’s warm and again, almost has a grey hue to it. I love Vinylux so I will be for sure rocking this color!

Hydrangea Bloom,  Dream Lily,  Nectar Glaze, Silver Ponyfoot & Hummingbird Glitter

This is hands down my favorite CND Additives collection, which is why it totally sucks that these containers are smaller! All the previous pots were Net wt 3.10g (0.10oz) and now they are Net wt 1.75g (0.06oz). So the first time where I see lots of use for these beauties I get less product. It is especially disheartening since two of these additives are more like glitter and simply stunning; I’m talking about you Dream Lily & Hummingbird Glitter!!

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