Dear New Adult

0968cb2b33b311c9105aa9ea54cf1e0eDear New Adult Genre,

I have a love hate relationship with you. On one hand you have given me some amazing tales with strong plots that are character driven. And speaking of characters; some have been inspiring and well developed where it felt more like I was reading about my best friend. I got to watch as they grew and become a better person, overcame their struggles and found love. Those are the good ones. The ones that make me giddy and I end up staying up all night.

Then we have the ones that are the opposite. Poor characters, that are flawed but without redemption. A plot that is non-existant and based completely on…nothing but randomness or just physical.

And yes New Adult Genre, I realize that the whole point of you was to be a step above Young Adult but I feel like some books are a few too many steps above even the Romance genre. To me this is frustrating, I read New Adult because I like that it deals with the college or post college crowd it is a bit more relate-able.

I just wish there was a way of detecting what your pages are filled with. The kind of story I like or the kind where I roll my eyes, skip over scenes and wonder why I even started reading.


A Frustrated Book Worm


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