February’s Loves!

coollogo_com-77011166Favorite TV Show: Dragon’s Den. I chewed through all the seasons that were available on Canadian Netflix (3 seasons)! I wish the first 5 were available too because these 3 were just not enough! And I think Mr. Wonderful has rubbed off on me too much because when I am making plans with the family I find myself negotiating with them! lol

Favorite Podcast: RHAP‘s Spyson Hour. It is with Rob Cesternino (RHAP and Survivor Legend); he has Tyson Apostol (Survivor Season 27th Winner) and Spencer Pratt (The Hills) both of whom are on this season’s WE Tv’s Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars. I’ll admit while I adore Tyson I was leery about Spencer but these two together are pretty funny! They do a wrap up of the weeks episode and then it is full of random shenanigans! I am always highly entertained and I hope Rob keeps them on after the MB:RS is over. If you are a reality TV junkie like myself you should go check out RHAP, I think you will love!

Favorite Book: I am doing Francis Chan’s Crazy Love in a ladies study and while we are not done yet, I am really enjoying the book! I don’t often read a lot of non-fiction but this is one that I find an easy read but inspires a lot of thinking.

Favorite Beauty Product: Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel my skin has been crazy dry and no matter what I have tried I cannot stop the dry patches. I got a sample of this and fell in love, so in love that I purchased it. Makes my face feel amazing and has really helped my dry skin!

Favorite Nails: There are so many that I love it makes it hard to pick one! But I think I am going to have to chose my Harry Potter nails! I have never Googled so much content for a client before her appointment. But she was going on an all girls Universal Studios trip. She is a big HP fan and her excitement over the trip had me bursting with excitement as well! I wanted these nails to be perfect! Very pleased with how they turned out and so was she!


2 thoughts on “February’s Loves!

  1. Your HP nails are SO cute! I just ordered that Amore Pacific treatment and can’t wait for it arrive – even more so now after reading your review!

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