Planner Love

For the last 1.5 years I have been using my beloved Gold Shimmer My Agenda by Mom Agenda. It has been great and I was not looking for anything else. I will admit to always looking at planners as I am a paper/pen addict. I had perused Erin Condren planners but I disliked how the day view did not have lines in it.

IMG_3733Anyway, I stumbled across Plum Paper Designs and started taking a real interest. I like that the day view has lines and you can break it down 4 ways: Morning/Noon/Evening, time slots, empty lines & by custom activities. I ended up becoming obsessed and I just wanted it! I debated over the purchase for a week before placing my order.

I loved that now my whole day is broken down by the hour. I can schedule my clients and visually (I am a visually learner) see how much room I have between them, or what I can get down between other family activities.

With the planner you can add extras as well, which I did. I ended up adding on the Blog section, so far it is fantastic! I like being able to track my Blog numbers and work on Blog Ideas and having them all in one place! Plus there is a final schedule for each month, which allows me to view what I have all scheduled for my blog.

IMG_3731Now despite the fantastic planner I also got hooked into stickers as well.  I am becoming one of those planner junkies…or more of one than I already was. I purchased these from Karolinas Krafts. The quality is fantastic and shipping was quick. I am really happy with these and will definitely be re-purchasing.

To some it probably is weird that I don’t use my phone’s calendar for scheduling clients and other appointments, but to me I love the feel of paper. The texture when its been written on and appointments have been checked. All of it makes me happy!

Are you into planners or is your smart phone calendar the way you schedule your life?


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