August ’15 Favorites


1. Sweet Shop Stamps – I have always been a paper planner type of gal. I love the texture of paper and all the fun colors of pens there are out there! So as I have dived more into planner creativity I’ve discovered some really cute shops! One of them is this! Their stamps are adorable and their shipping time is fantastic!

2. Maybelline Baby Lips – As a fully fledged lippie addict I have never been really into tinted lip balms. I like something with a bit more pow. However, with the summer I become so low maintenance that I gravitated towards these. Easy to stuff in my clutch or coffee holder in my vehicle. Plus, when these first came out I snagged some that have SPF so they are perfect for beach days!

3. Covert Affairs – I watched this series years ago and then I stopped (no clue why) but I picked it back up again on Netflix. It is so much fun to spurge watch series and I forgot how awesome this show is! Makes me want to rewatch Alias.

4. All it Takes by Sadie Munroe – This was a fantastic book! Expect a full review to come out soon but in the mean time you should really pick this one up. I fell in love with the story and got way more than I expected with this one!

5. SnapChat – I never (and I do mean never) post on my story with this app. I pretty much only use it to send direct snaps to my friends. I enjoy being a goof but not for anyone to see. lol

6. Baby Boomer nails – This is not only a fantastic trend but what I wore pretty much all summer! Chic and I love the modern take on the french tip this gives!



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