CND Shellac Forbidden Collection

I am one of those people that love fall; well I actually love all the seasons but fall is just beautiful! The leaves changing colors is stunning and since I live near the river we get a beautiful fall show! Aside from the leaves you get the fashion. Finally getting to wear cute jackets but not having to be bundled – yet and all the boot options! It is all good (less for my budget though) and with a season change it opens new options for polish color! And since I am me, I usually go a bit crazy during these times when I hit my local supplier.

Contradictions_Shellac-595x282CND Shellac is my go-to brand. Not only do my clients love this product line but I do as well. The product lasts, applies smoothly, and removes effortlessly! I ended up purchasing the whole Shellac collection and am loving it – as do my clients. I don’t even think I can pick a favorite from this collection, there are so many pretty colors!

Safety Pin is this stunning metallic soft taupe-gold. It is such a gorgeous neutral and makes for a lovely full set color and it accents really well with other colors.

Nake Naivete’ is another creme neutral but was very needed in CND Shellac’s brand. While we do have lots of neutrals I find the closest would be Romantique, which is a bit too pink for mixing with other colors. This one mixes well and the coverage is flawless!

Rouge Rite is similar to other colors that I have but reds are a tricky thing; depending on your skin tone will depend which reds work with you. I find no matter what I have to pick up any new reds. I personally love wearing them and they can be very finicky. This one is a dark-deep red and perhaps the only ‘dud’ in the whole collection.

Tartan Punk probably one of the more unique reds that I have come across. It is Taylor Swift red lips but with a metallic finish. It is stunning! I’ve used it on a few clients already and it is beautiful! You don’t get any brush lines either! Basicaly it’s just…hot!

Poison Plum is something I have not seen from CND; it’s got glitter chunks in it but I would not label it as just a glitter polish. The polish color itself is a deep mauve, a perfect fall color, with round and various size glitter mixed in. A really unique color and I think it will be quite popular.

Peacock Plume is very much what you expect from a blue polish with that name. It is a bright rich blue with micro shimmer; a great option for those that don’t want too dark of a blue. Even though it is what you’d expect it’s gorgeous!

I am really impressed with this collection! I didn’t purchase any of the Additives, I wasn’t over impressed and really wish CND would change the way they sell them. If I could individually buy them I would probably pick more up. I find they always have at least 1 if not 2 similar Additives in their collections; for the cost I cannot always justify it. With that said I may pick it up at a later time because I like having the whole collection.

Keep a look out on my Instagram for some pictures of nails I’ve done with these new colors!



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