All I Want is Chili

Here’s a little secret…when I watch cooking shows (Master Chef) I am always so impressed that these home cooks can take a few ingredients and turn them into amazing and, what I can only assume, tasty dishes! I fear what would happen if I was given the same task, would not be tasty nor look delicious! Still, I enjoy watching and pretending that I too am a talented Master Chef.

image1I originally found this recipe through Pinterest. Pinterest and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate going on and realizing my parties will never be that extravagant nor will my home decor be repinned by the masses; but I am a picture person and their recipes are all pictures! To me, if I look at a picture and do not have a desire to eat I go to the next one. I cannot read a recipe and get a really grasp of a.) what it will look like b.) how the spices will combine to make a specific flavor. In fact, I am so much this way that I am not sure I have ever cooked a meal that did not have a picture to accompany it.

This all leads me to the following statement.  I love chili! I love anything I can slow cook. The slow cooker and I have a deep unending love. I have a recipe that is my go-to but I wanted to change it up a bit. I was very excited when I found a delicious looking picture on Pinterest that lead me to Chew Out Loud Chili Recipe.

This is where things get weird. I normally follow the recipe exactly the first time around, I reiterate I am no Master Chef. However for some reason I decided to tweak a few things, and it worked! This is a food cooking miracle mixed with a, oh-crap I cannot find that in the grocery store!

For the ground turkey I added Hot & Spicy Taco Seasoning from Ol El Paso while I was browning it. The rest of the recipe I followed but added a jalapeno that was de-seeded. I also added a yellow pepper, lentils, pork n beans & mushrooms. Nothing too crazy but for me this was very out of the box cooking.

I realize for the cooks that can go into any pantry and create something marvelous this may seem small and meaningless but for me this is Mount Everest! Was easily the best chili I have ever made and lets be honest that is all due to the original recipe from Chew Out Loud. My minor tweaks really didn’t add much but this did ignite a cooking spree for me! Lovely readers…I think I can actually cook!

What are some of your favorite go-to recipes?


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