Cats Meow Nailart

There are people in your life that make your own that much richer and brighter! My beloved Linda (@lindork) is one of those people. Her laughter and love for life is contagious! You’ll get amazing food reviews, which will lead to delicious new places to eat at and fun events that are going around the city! Plus cats! She is The Linda that started Edmonton’s Cat Fest! If you even find cats mildly amusing you should follow her.

ImageSo my cat-loving Linda recently came in to get her nails done and I knew I wanted to do a Christmas Cat Theme. And oh man, did they turn out really adorable!
I did use Orly’s Instant Artist Paint in Black and Silver for the cats face and fluff of the Santa hat, which are not shown above. I used Spirit as the base for all, then added Pure Pearlfection over top, it is a very soft effect, which I really like especially if you don’t want glitter but still something. For the kitties face I used the Instant Artist and then Ring in the Red for the hat. All around I am really happy with how these turned out!

Thanks again Linda for coming in and staying for a cup of tea post nails. Especially when the tea came in a shark cup while I drank out of the kitty cup!

xoxo – Lisa


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