Homemade Granola

Image-2It seems I have another Pinterest win for you! The taste of success is so delicious people! This one is homemade granola from the food blog called Honestly Yum. I wanted to find some snacks that our family could enjoy and that were healthy and good for the body and that tasted good! This hit all the marks and it was easy to make, which is always important for this girl!

When I remake this I would add way more coconut flakes (love the taste and texture it adds) and I would nix the cashew. They are not really my favorite nut and the kiddos were not fans of them either. Other than those two minor changes I was so impressed with this recipe.

I put some in the freezer and some on the counter, either way they tasted good. I probably prefer the room temperature ones as I like how they are gooey instead of crunchie but complete personal preference.

This has gotten me to try a few other snack type of recipes that have also turned out really good! And I love that I know what snacks my kiddos are getting. This can’t be sent to school since it has nuts but at least at home they are getting the good stuff!

Do you have a favorite homemade granola recipe that your family loves?


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