December Monthly Loves

1. Pilot Jet Pens

  1. Pilot Juice Pens – I bought mine from and was very happy with the cost & shipping cost along with the time it took to arrive at my door. I love these pens! Even my left hand writing style loves these pens! That is abnormal as my left hander readers know…. pens + lefties = funky fluid ink
  2. Red Balloon Pie Company – These caramels?? So darn delicious! I cannot explain how moist & chewy they are! So instead of me trying to explain, zip over to District Coffee Co. and pick up yours!
  3. Fuzion Sparklez Gel in Candlelight – I love gold & glitter! This gel sparklez is gorgeous! The biggest issue with gold glitters is that some can come off brassy and you don’t realize it until you have it in a well light room. This one is not brassy, it’s soft and very easy to wear! I’ve been pulling this one out a lot with Christmas Season!
  4. Organics Jasmine Green Tea – Tea makes me happy and I enjoy straight Green Tea but there is something about Jasmine mixed in that adds an extra layer of taste. This has become my go-to for tea as of late.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy – I feel like I should add a hashtag Netflix and Chill in here. I stopped watching around Season 10 for no other reason than I like watching the whole season at once. So when I decided to get caught up I figured I should start from Season 1 and work my way. Crazy idea Lisa as all I’ve been doing while I clean or cook is watch Grey’s…cry! I’ve cried a lot…a lot!
  6. David’s Tea Mug – Pink! With gold dots! Be still my heart! I picked this up at the beginning of the month for a gift, which ended up as a gift for myself. Whoops.

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