Happy Meow Years!

Keeping up with my Christmas Cat theme nails here are my ‘Meow’ Year Cat nails for my beloved Linda! I believe this is officially the start of the year of cat themed nails for her. I am going to have start brain storming for all the seasons/events in the year! Valentine’s is up next, I will be starting my planning in the coming weeks!

I love adorable dots! The mixtures of golds I used in this make me so happy, and yes, partly because I love golds! I specifically love the Sally Hansen Satin in Go Gold. It is one of my favorite polishes! It’s a really soft gold (do you notice that as a theme when it comes to my gold love?) and paired with the other golds you get variation and it pops with the black. I used the same polish for the cats hat as well…

Here are all the colors used, minus the loose glitter I used for the accent nail.

Are you enjoying the Cat Theme we have going? If you are interested in getting your nails in on the action please shoot me an email: lisarattai@gmail.com and I will get you booked in!


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