Snowflake Gel Enhancements

Image-3Christmas has come and gone but I wanted to show you one of my favorite Christmas themed nails! I do lots of glitter, which you know I love, during the season but my reality is that glitter is a 365 day option. Snowflakes? Not so much, even if you are Elsa I’d assume you would want a change up.

I did these at the beginning of the season and I just love them! The snowflakes are just perfect and that accent nail? Oh how I love you Fuzion Sparklez in Goldstar! It is stunning and was quite popular in the last few months as well.

Once again I pulled out my stamper for the snow flakes, I use a Bundler Monster plate and it has a few versions and sizes of snowflakes so you can easily get some variation in your art.

The soft grey is from CND Shellac in City Scape. I love this grey but can be a bit finicky when applying. Thin-thin layers are your friends!

If you are interested in coming and getting your nails done. Please feel free to contact me through Twitter @lisarattaiyeg or through email



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