Girly Glitter

I recently did this set on a client and I absolutely love how it turned out! It is so feminine and soft; and I love how the colors worked together. It always makes me excited when I do a set of nails that is wearable and clean but still has omph!

Image-7For this set I started off with using a Fuzion hard gel for the base and to get a good apex. I have really been enjoying their gels! On top the soft pink is Orly Gel FX in Kiss the Bride and then Halo as the glitter. I used Orly Gel FX in Luxe for the gold lines. Halo is rapidly becoming one of my favorite glitters! I love the variation in glitter size and color. Mixing gold and silver makes me happy, it is stunning!

Orly Gel FX has some of my favorite colors; Kiss the Bride is my go-to color. I especially love this color when I have stiletto nails. Gives the nails a very clean and natural look, but still girly!

Is this something that you’d wear? What are some of your favorite color combinations for a soft girly glittery look? And if you are interested in booking an appointment, please send me an email or you can shoot me a tweet via @lisarattaiyeg or



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