Michaels Haul

I have a stationary purchasing problem. It is a crazy addiction that I have always had and I think I may have passed it on to my children as well. My apologies to their future husbands. I think this love is another reason why I have never wanted to use the calendar feature on my phone. I like using all my pens, washi tape, sticky notes for my planner. I enjoy how you get to be creative with a paper planner. But I’ve digressed…this problem is usually controllable if I stay far-far away from paper products.

The other day my friend was telling me I should use more fun backgrounds for my Instagram account nail photos. This somewhat confirmed what I was already thinking, and this forced me to hit my local Michaels to find some various colors and textures of scrap-booking paper. I wanted to purchase a few so I could determine which ones photograph best.

I knew when I went I needed to control myself…I tried so hard! I failed so hard! But not really my fault because look at the pretties!

Heidi Swapp is a brand that I have slowly been getting into. I love the colors their line uses. I snagged some washi stickers, bookmark magnetic clips, and then some pouches that I’ll attach to a dashboard.

I of course ended up purchasing the paper that I went in for. I got quite a few different types so I could get a feel for which ones photograph best. I am in love with the glitter ones and the fantastic news is that they work really well in photos! Follow my IG account to see how it turns out!

Also got two new washi tape collections from Michaels Recollections. Guys…they were gold and pastels! I could not leave them behind AND these were the last ones in the store! I would have kicked myself if I didn’t buy them!

Despite me wondering off with my shopping task I am excited to change up my backgrounds a bit. I still love the look of a clean white background but this will give some variation for your eyes.


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