Valentino Pure Beauty Gen III S Review

GEN-III-S-1-300x200I’ve been a certified nail tech for over 5 years now and this product I’m about to mention is a game changer! I will say that before I purchased this I had tried a very inexpensive dust collector. Was not impressed, it didn’t really pull the dust from the filing down nor hold it in. It did work for the little amount of clients I had at the beginning. However, it came time when I needed something powerful to collect all the dust I was creating with the filing. That is when I began my research and quite quickly I found a few options that I was interested in, but I kept coming back to the Valentino.

The price, while expensive, was more what I was willing to spend than some of the other units. There was one by Erica’s ATA where the dust collector/vacuum attached to the electric file, but you needed to purchase her electric file for it to work properly. Having to buy their electric file was a deterrent for me, I already have one that I am happy with. Also, the unit seemed a bit more cumbersome than the Valentino, which has a sleeker look. I was also swayed by the numerous positive reviews online that praised the Valentino, I also spoke with some other nail technicians and they were extremely happy with theirs.  Very glad I went this route – I am in love with this product!

image1Normally when I am doing a fill I come out of the service with dust everywhere. That is not the case anymore! Look at all that lovely blue dust that is trapped in the filter. I can wear all black and at the end of the service I still look like I am wearing all black instead of black with white dust patches. You can even see around the work surface of my desk that there is no blue dust!

After using it the first time I was blown away at its performance, it worked better than I expected. The only down side is that the noise is a bit more than I am use to; but I’ll take the inconvenience of the noise as it pulls in all the dust! You also need to replace the filter every 2-4 weeks. Since I just got this (on week 3) I won’t actually know how often I need to replace them until further down the road. I do shake the filter out after every service and vacuum it at the end of a colored gel service and also at the end of the week.

I am so happy with this product and 100% worth the money! I wish I would have purchased this a year ago! If you are looking in investing in a new system I highly recommend you choose the Valentino!






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