Be My Purr-fect Valentine

These cat puns make me happy! Almost more than the actual art! Is that cheesy? I feel it is a bit cheesy…

img_1073-1For this set we opted to use CND Shellac for the polish to help give it a bit more staying power. I used CND Shellac Studio White as the base, which oddly is a soft white with almost a hint of pink, so subtle. And then for the feature nail and the detail I used CDN Shellac Butterfly Queen, which is a beautiful magenta sparkle. As for the actual art…on the thumb I did two cat tails making a heart. Pointer is again the cat face, but with no hat this time. The middle and ring has two paw prints with a tiny heart and the pinkie just has a heart.

I really enjoy these ones! I love the pop of pink! I already have some ideas for the next set, which will probably be Easter…

If you like this and are interested in booking an appointment please contact me through either email: or through Twitter.


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