Subtle Way to Rock Nail Jewels!

image-3Another set of nails I am in love with! Even while I am working on this post I am thinking how much I love these and that I should recreate them on myself. Recently I took off my almond-stiletto nails and am no regretting that choice as these are so darn pretty!

Whenever I use Orly Gel FX color in Kiss the Bride I find I am drawn to that set of nails. For these I added some Swavorski jewels on the accent nail in two different sizes. This is great if your client does not want a heavy amount of bling but it still provides that pop that jewels create!

As a side-note new background! In my Michaels haul I had shown some scrapbook paper I purchased as new backgrounds and here is one! I am happy with how it looks!

If you like this and are interested in booking an appointment please contact me through either email: or through Twitter: @lisarattaiyeg


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