How I Helped O.J. Get Away with Murder by Mike Gilbert

2964611Title: How I Helped O.J. Get Away with Murder

Author: Mike Gilbert

Publisher: Regnery Publishing

Summary: You Don’t Know the Full Truth About O.J. Simpson and the Murders that Gripped a Nation.

But Mike Gilbert does, and after nearly two decades of being O.J. Simpson’s sports agent, business advisor, and trusted confidant, Gilbert is breaking his silence and telling the full story of the man he idolized, but now despises.

Gilbert’s shocking tale is unlike anything you’ve read before; it isn’t his “version” of what happened–it’s the unvarnished truth. The truth about O.J., the murders, and the infamous trial. Not as Gilbert imagined or would like it to be, but how it actually was. Gilbert doesn’t spare anyone, not even himself–he helped deceive the jury and feels deeply responsible for the “Not Guilty” verdict.

So why is Gilbert speaking out now? Has he gone from sinner to saint? Is he making a play for sympathy or looking to make a quick buck? No. (Proceeds from this book are going to the March of Dimes and other selected charities with which Gilbert has long been associated.) Gilbert is writing this book because he regrets what he did for his adored, childhood idol. He can no longer find any excuse for how he has shielded O.J. Simpson; and he is determined that the full truth must now be told, including:
* O.J.’s late night confession to Gilbert
* How Gilbert was responsible for O.J.’s hand not fitting the murder glove
* Why O.J. murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman (it was more than jealousy)
* Why Gilbert defended O.J. for so long–and what finally convinced him he could do so no longer
* How O.J. ignored his financial obligations to the Goldman family and milked the tabloids for money
* The real reason why an armed O.J. burst in on the memorabilia collectors in Las Vegas (Gilbert had what O.J. was looking for)

Told with searing candor, this book leaves no one’s reputation intact–not even Gilbert’s. But he casts a glaring light on how celebrity can corrupt, how power can mislead, and how friendship and loyalty can be perverted. His book is meant to set the record straight, to lay to rest the ghosts of that dreadful night that have haunted him ever since, and to now play what little part he can to forward the process the of justice.

Review: Like quite a few others I have become re-immersed in the O.J. trial through the FX Networks’ The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. I remember watching as a kid and seeing all the articles posted in the National Enquirer (my Grama loved the tabloids). I have been watching a lot of documentaries online (so much so that I am having a hard time finding ones I have not watched, I think I basically need to be watching the full length of the trial at this point) as well as trial highlights and interviews with O.J. A month ago I ended up reading O.J. Simpson’s “If I Did It“, which is essentially a confession. I suppose you could argue that since he calls that certain chapter a hypothetical that it is fiction…

In one interview I had watched, Ruby Wax is talking to O.J.’s Sports Agent a man called Mike Gilbert. I had never heard of him until this interview and I will admit he intrigued me. Most interviews and documentaries did not have his friends, which Gilbert calls himself, (unless it was from the Dream Team) on record. I then ended up stumbling across this book and was hooked once I started reading.

The book gives a lot of details about how he helped O.J. while he was in jail. He brought him hundreds of items to  autograph in order to sell to make money. According to him O.J. passed a note through a lawyer that said they could be raking in the money by doing this and it was true! They found creative ways to bring in various merchandise for Simpson to sign. Was captivating to read how they managed this and even after the civil suit how Gilbert helped hide property from the Goldman’s to ensure they did not get as much.

This was definitely more of a behind the scenes character study type of book then a trial study, which I enjoyed. Not sure if all is true, like with these types of books so much is perspective, but I do think the vast majority is legit. And since O.J. himself has been quoted and documented saying he would not give the Goldman’s a dime Gilbert’s assistance does fit. Plus, Gilbert incriminates himself so much in this that I doubt he’d be willing to do so if the facts were not true.

If you have been watching the series on FX I recommend this book. Mike Gilbert was in O.J.’s close circle and stuck by him through both trials and for years after. It mentions O.J.’s arrest in Las Vegas and some facts from the night of June 12, 1994 and Gilbert’s take on what happened. It was a quick read but in the way where you were getting lots of info and could not put the book down, or at least I couldn’t!  ||  Chapters  ||  Goodreads


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