The Pile That Never Ends!

As like most of us readers we like to track the books we want to read, I use Goodreads as my preferred choice. I go through my list occasionally to see if there are any I want to remove from my list. No gasping you purists! Sometimes I get excited about something but a few months later I look at the book and feel ‘meh’ about it. Or I tend to go on genre kicks. For example I am currently enthralled with O.J. Simpson’s trial (a new book review is on its way). I cannot seem to read enough or watch enough! However, once that ends I will have no desire to read any more about it.

Anyway, I went through my list of TBR and man do I have a lot of books I need to get through! So while I continue to finish a few of the books I am currently reading I am going to make a strong effort to get through a good chunk of the books in my TBR pile!

And I managed to go through some of the titles and a few no longer tickled my fancy and one or two I could not find through Amazon, Chapter or my library so I took it off the list.

I sort of feel like a I had a good book purge or cleanse. Excited to chew through some of these! One of these books I have had since the begining of my Goodreads account…that was many years ago!

What books have you had on your TBR shelf for a while? Do you have any reading goals this year?


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