Light Elegance Glitter Gels Reviews

I have heard a lot about Light Elegance gels and up until recently I had not really played with them. Sign me officially up to the fan club because these gels are fabulous! The formula is so easy to apply and you really only need two coats to get full coverage! And because the formula’s viscosity is more like a top coat it ensures you don’t get a rumble pad that you need to buff out so your clients nails are smooth! I notice this the most if a client want a gel polish color and hard gel glitter. I like the nails to all look similar so I’ll do the hard gel glitter one top of the built nail, this formula is so perfect for that!

It is an awesome feeling when you get to try new products and they fit the hype bill! So disappointing when you try something and it leaves you wanting more and wishing it was as magical as others have claimed. These definitely exceeded my expectation; if I had to complain about one thing it would be that they hold off on some of the holographic glitter in their mixtures. I would love the color Champagne to be just the soft gold/rose gold glitter without the extra bling. But really such a very minor wish. They do have glitters without, just in this particular one I wish it was without.

Look for this brand being used more as I recently purchased some colors from Light Elegance as well!



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