Morning Routine

Morning Routine

For me waking up early has never been easy! But for years I have wanted to; get a work out in and have some Lisa time before the house (aka the lil ones) wakes up and I am on Mom Duty. I have finally succeeded and my early mornings are now part of my favorite times. I love the quiet time and how by the time they all wake I feel ready to take on the day and that I’m ahead of the game! There could be something to this early bird gets the warm…as much as I hate to admit.

So if you have a desire to wake early here are a few of my tricks that I apply to my week day mornings!

  1. Put your alarm clock away from you! This came to me because I had seen something online where the alarm clock was a floor mat and in order to turn off the buzzing you had to place both feet on it. When I mentioned this to my husband, and that this was a game changer he looked at me puzzled and replied, “why don’t you just put your alarm clock across the room.” Brilliant husband! Brilliant!! This is what I do now, no longer can I roll over and hit that snooze button! Forcing yourself to make that initial break from the bed is key!
  2. Warm tea. I have mentioned (a lot on Twitter) my love for this travel mug by Davids Tea and I use this often for my morning routine. It holds heat SO well! The night before I will boil water, pour it into the mug, bring a tea bag up, and put them beside my bed. In the morning I pop the tea bag in and the temperature is just perfect! I usually do Green tea, which I know the caffeine helps wake me up but I love the routine of having a warm drink while I check my phone and rub the sleep from my eyes.
  3. Give yourself time to wake up. I set my alarm for 5 am and usually give myself 20 minutes in bed flipping through my phone and reading the news and my social medias while I sip on my tea before I get out of bed. I know myself well eough to understand that I won’t be able to pop up that early and start working out and doing house stuff or devotions. So giving myself that ‘free’ time first thing greatly helps! And it takes away the distraction…or addiction of checking my phone!
  4. Give yourself grace! I will admit…there have been nights where I have just not had a good sleep or stayed up too late; so when my alarm clock goes off I do not want to wake…I’ll let myself sleep in or lay in bed longer. I do not force myself to do it on those types of mornings. My whole reasoning for doing this was to enjoy myself, but I know as soon as it becomes an obligation or it feels more like a job it will loose its appeal. And lets face it, life is not always perfect and there are mornings when you need the extra sleep. So understand yourself and make sure that this does no become something that you hate; of course at the beginning you will wonder why you’ve chosen this!

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