Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream Review

Lemon_Butter_Cuticle_Cream_1This by no means is a new product, in fact many beauty bloggers consider this a HG (holy grail) product. I have tried before but I just never kept up with it. However in the last few months I have been using it whenever I hop in my vehicle to do school drop off and pick up, go to church, date or ladies night out…etc. Basically means I am using it multiple times a day, pretty much every day of the week!

So with all this consistent using what have I noticed? It works! It has really helped with my dry cuticles and softened my skin! The scent is clean, which you’d assume that since it is lemon that would be the case; however I have found sometimes a lemon scent to be off putting. What I love most, other than it working, is that it soaks in quickly! I am not a fan of how with some cuticle oil/balms your fingers are left feeling oily for a bit afterwords or they get tacky. Almost like a barrier on your skin.

If you are looking for a new product, from this nail tech to you lovely reader try this one out!


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