Author Spot Light: C.J. Duggan

Every once in awhile I stumble across an author I become obsessed with and cannot get enough of their books. C.J. Duggan is one of those authors! I have chewed through her series Summer in this last bit (I am currently reading the last book, Forever Summer) and I just love her writing! Her ability to weave the characters together while they become so real is addicting! And the characters? They become your friend and you in return become invested in their journey! As for the romance, she has the perfect blend of that push and pull without it becoming a different genre…I love her style!! This is a series but in standalone form, so you can read in whatever order. I will say reading in order will greatly enhance them. They are a group of friends that are becoming family and reading how they all come together is far more enjoyable in order than not.

If you are looking for an amazing new series to dive into…this is the one for you! And it is the perfect time to dive in reading them with spring here!


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