April Monthly Favorites

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Another month has passed and it is that time again to share some of what I’ve been reaching for, listening to, and binge watching…and probably a few other randoms mixed in!

Real Crime Profile – If you love real crime and want to hear from the people that actually solve cases and specialize in the field then this is the podcast for you! I got hooked after binge watching Making a Murderer; Real Crime Profile goes through the series and gives a really different non-bias view point. Jim Clemente is a “retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent/Profiler and former Prosecutor for the New York City Law Department.” The guy has a lot of experience and listening to him speak on evidence collection and ethical responsibilities is fascinating! Laura Richards is “formerly New Scotland Yards and Founder and Director of Paladin, National Stalking Advocacy Service” her knowledge on stalking and behavior gives a lot of insight, especially in later episodes when they dive into the O.J. Simpson case! Plus, on a non-relevant completely surface level (and I would comment on this no matter the gender) her accent is beautiful! The last lady of this trio of awesome is Lisa Zambetti, she’s the casting direction for Criminal Minds’ and is like me, addicting to real crime behind the scenes stuff!

Bright Lipstick – Spring has sprung and I cannot stop reaching for a bright colored lip! Two of my go-to’s are L’Oreal in Cardinal Plume & Rimmel in In Vogue. I love how it brightens up whatever I am wearing or however I’ve done my hair! I can be in a basic shirt with my hair in a bun and look blah but as soon as I pop on the bright lips I look fresh and chic!

Making a Murderer – I was hooked on O.J. when this came out and I was unwilling to share my time with another criminal…yes…that does sound weird… I binge watched this after numerous friends told me I needed to. So glad I did, it was fascinating, interesting, and while I wish we got a bit more of the actual trial I am hooked. I want to know more and am now emotionally invested! So I am excited to hear a second season is happening!

Serial – I am so late to this party (that seems to be the theme with two of my monthly favs) but so glad I hopped on! Sarah Koenig is the real-deal! With only her voice to guide you through the story she manages to convey so much emotion! The conviction as she speaks, the way you can hear a smile in her voice…to me that plays a huge role in why this podcast is so successful. The story comes to life due to her! Cannot wait for Season 3 and the story she takes us on!

GlamGlow Supermud – This stuff is legit! It has helped my pores so much and gives a great tingle once applied! Even after one use I noticed a difference, I know skincare works differently on everyone, but this stuff works on me! I cannot wait to try more products by GlamGlow!

John Frieda Sea Waves – My hair is not curly-curly but it is no poker straight either. So usually in the summer I start washing my hair at night, adding sea salt spray and letting it air dry while I sleep. I get good volume, texture, and a bit of a curl; then in the morning I curl my hair and bam! I am ready to go! This is already my second bottle!


3 thoughts on “April Monthly Favorites

  1. I love how you’ve mixed crime series with make for your April favourites! I think Serial will become my new addiction, LOL thanks for that!! And I agree with your thought about the Glamglow mud it’s amazing 😃

    • lol Crime series have taken over my world! And once you dive into the world of Serial be prepared to possibly forgo all other forms of entertainment. I am behind on all my shows because I just want to listen!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

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