Planner Packs Subscription Box

I have some amazing people in my life and my sister in-law is one of them! I love my planner and I love pens and I love paper! She got me a gift that hit all three! A 3 month subscription box from Planner Packs for my Christmas gift!

This is my first time with a planner subscription box and I am a bit addicted! I really love getting planner goodies in the mail!

  • The first month was St. Patrick’s themed, which I will admit was not my favorite. Even when I buy planner packs on Etsy I like getting ones that I can use multiple times, basically get a lot of use out of. That wasn’t really the case with the first box. However, I did up the week of St. Patrick’s in green-green-green and that was fun since I haven’t every really themed out a spread in that way!
  • The second month, which are the pictures below I enjoyed a lot more! The colors were brighter and I could use on multiple weeks/months. The washi tape was beautiful and it’s fabric washi, which I have always wanted to try! In fact the two pens I got were Pilot G-2 07 and I had also been wanting to get my hands on some to see if I liked. Basically I found the second month to have more usable and less-themed items!
  • I just received my last box while working on this entry and it is by far my favorite! I got the gold pineapple washi tape that I’ve been drooling over! Check out my SnapChat: lisarattai to see the box! Lots of pretty clear stickers and gorgeous rock gem pens with a stylus attached!

If you are a hardcore planner, which I do not consider myself to be, this box may be too basic for you. If you are just getting started or wadding mid-thigh deep in your planner addiction I think you’d enjoy. You get a nice amount of everything and it allows you to play in a way where you don’t worry about messing up the pretty! For example, I recently purchased a kit from Glam Planner (was quite pricey) and now I fear using it because I do not want to ruin the pretty! This gives you LOTS to play with and I recommend giving it a go!


7 thoughts on “Planner Packs Subscription Box

      • Absolutely!!!!!!!! I have an addiction!! I hope to make plan with me videos in the near future!!! ❤️❤️ which planner or planners are you using now? Do you have a specific company where you order your stickers or washi tape from?

      • If you do you need to let me know! Love watching them! I use a Plum Paper Planner but I got it uncoiled and then I punched it to fit the gold Sn@p Filofax. Love how it turned out. Previously I’ve always ordered it coiled. Not so much specific places. I bounce around, generally I buy what I fall in love with. Michaels is a go-to for washi and then I find others in random places ie Claire’s. lol But I did just order and received a Papered Kiss Monthly Box and I really enjoyed! What about you?

      • Omg soooooo love all of this!!! I just got back from a Michaels, home goods, jo Ann fabrics run! Sooooo many cute planner goodies!!! Super excited to post all about it hahahah. Waiting for my Erin Condren to arrive. I was looking at the shop bando ones too! Currently using the happy planner and another random one from Michaels. Both are super xute

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