Pink Tutu & White Lace Love!

OQFP9378I posted these on Snapchat (lisarattai) the other day and I thought I’d do a blog post on them since I am in love!

I used Light Elegance in Pink Tutu and White Lace. I love soft pinks so the purchase of Pink Tutu was a no brainer! White Lace was a bit more a tricky choice. I have seen lots of beautiful nails with this product but wasn’t sure if I’d personally like or my clientele. I have gotten nothing but compliments since I posted! I love this combo and I’m loving White Lace!

White Lace is a clear gel with flecks of tiny white dots and a mix hexagons, & diamonds all matte. These overlay glitter mixes are not ones I usually go for but I love how this one looks, especially over Pink Tutu!



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