Harry Potter Nailart!

img_1869Oh sweet Harry Potter… I am scared to tell you all that I have only read the first 2 Books. I know…you are all disappointed and don’t understand how I missed the wagon. I was sort of too old for the books and it was not a time where it was ‘cool’ to be old and read young book. Some of you must remember that stage! But…if that sends you into a frenzy then just stop reading and look at the pretty nails! Ooo sparkly! And look at that hand-painted nailart!

For this set we tried to do the colors of Gryffindor without it being too in your face. I did these for a client that was actually having a HP Movie Marathon. I did two other of the attendees but the pictures did not come through and I did not realize until now. Boo! I’m realizing this post is full of sadness for you Potter Peeps! The end result is looking good and I love the symbols on the glittery nails!


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