Floral Crown Crafting


Let me start off by saying I am no way a DIY Queen. I would like to think I am but reality reminds me, “No Lisa you are not”. But for my daughters birthday I figured I would pretend I was and do a fun & easy craft for her and her friends to do!

53f3ddfea58c2cf2f335ddffcde61a73I found it through Pinterest and it shows you the steps. For DIYs I love when they show me through a picture story – makes it so much easier to follow!

The majority of the supplies I purchased at Dollarama. They had a great floral selection and the prices were spot on. For a the floral tape and wire I did Michaels and used a coupon. (I love their discount system!)

So in-case the pictures are not doing it justice here is what you do…or what I did.

  • I took the floral wire, wrapped it around my daughters head a few times and cut it.
  • Then I wraped the ends of the wire and sort of twisted the wire so it was more together.
  • Then using the floral tape I wrapped it around the ends of wire, this ensure the end of the wire is not as sharp and offers some protection. Once you’d done that wrap the entire circle in the tape.
  • Using the tape attach the flowers and greenery in your desired pattern or non-pattern.

Voila! Beautiful crown! Oh and as a disclaimer I had picked this out long before the gorgeous Snapchat filter came out!  I love how this turned out and it was fun for the girls!


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