Product Review: CND Rescue RXx

RescueRxx-Promo-Landing-Page 548x556You know when you know about a product but don’t really know about a product? That was me with CND’s Rescue RXx. I knew about it but I guess I never really paid it much attention until I saw it on my latest supply run. I know someone whose nails are constantly peeling and splitting and nothing stays on because of her peeling nails. She’s tried various products that are suppose to help but nothing has done the trick. So while I was I wondering the aisles and fill my basket with goodies I spotted this and right away thought of her. My supplier, because they are awesome, had teeny little samples, which is perfect when you don’t know if the product will work. I snapped one up for her and decided that I would give it a test as well.

A highly effective new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. With daily use, peeling and white spots are dramatically reduced. See a difference daily.

Clinically-Proven Results*:
Week 1: 80% noticed improvements / 80% saw less white spots
Week 4: 80% less peeling / 73% less splitting

Generally I would say that I don’t fall into the ideal user for this product. Sometimes I may have a peeling finger but I usually know the reason for it. But I figured if I took off my hard gel, which I’ve been wearing for almost a year and prior to that gel polish, I would get an idea for the product and see what it does. If it helps then I’ll definitely be plugging this product to my clients that are gel polish pickers and peelers.

I won’t post this until two weeks from when I started (May 7th) but below are my updates throughout the testing phase. I will also be contacting my friend to see how this product worked on her.

Initial impressions: The smell of this is amazing! It reminds me of cotton candy toasted marshmellows but not overpowering! The product is easy to apply and soaked up quickly; at no point did I feel like I was walking around with oily fingers.

Day 3: I use proper techniques so I didn’t find my nails really weak when I removed the hard gels but I feel like this has helped, but I have not noticed a crazy dramatic improvement. My nails have that weird naked feeling they get whenever I don’t have product on them. For those that are regulars with enhancements or gel polish you know what I mean. They feel naked! I noticed a little peeling on my dominate hand, the ring & pinky finger but that is it. I do think it is great for cuticle care too!

Day 7: Ok…I am noticing a change! I said before that my nails grow fast, however with this stuff I feel like I am having to file every other day. The slight peeling I had has gotten better and the feel and texture of my nail plate has greatly improved as well. They have that ‘strong’ again. Not 100% but at this point I would said you would notice a change within the first week!

Day 10: Texture is continuing to improve. But what makes me most happy is how strong my nails feel. It feels like I never had anything on my nails!

Day 14: Ok, I am happy with the results and would recommend to those that have these problems and/or want an excellent product that will cause your nails to grow like weeds! Seriously, I cannot believe how fast they are growing! Even when I break one it feels like within 3-4 days they are back to where they started at!

Final Thoughts: Lovely nail junkies…this is a must have! A holy grail of growth and healing for your nails! I have never had a product that has caused my nails to grow at such speed, to get their strength back, and to help with any problematic peeling. I was planning on putting gel polish back on…however I may give it one more week as this weekend I put my poor nails through the ringer. I had taken pictures before and after…however you the pictures show no difference; they look the same so I figured there was no point. I will definitely keep using this as part of my nail care system and will be encourage my clients to start as well!


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