May Monthly Favorites

This month was a little quieter. I don’t really know where May went! I think it started off with me spending a lot of time on the deck playing UNO, which I refrained from putting on my favorites. The struggle is real!

Untitled design(4)

Qia Creamy Coconut – This stuff is so very yummy! Has become my go-to for breakfast; it has the perfect amount of coconut-y goodness!! It is not packed with added sugars and because it can be made instantly I don’t need lots of time to make it!

CND Rescue RXx – I realize last week I did a full on review of this so I won’t go into great detail about this product. I will say it works and helped me immensely! And definitely my go-to for nail health and repair! I am still using it while I have gel polish and have not noticed it affected the durability or how long it lasts!

Burpees – I hate these! HATE!! However, somehow my sneaky hubby got me hooked! I have noticed a HUGE change and due to that I cannot seem to stop. You will see results with this but you will also have to push yourself to finish! I’ve also started to incorporate muffin melting exercises between each set because…it works! And at least I can do to lose some muffin insulation…so I torture myself and then admire the results I see!

Truth & Justice – Another podcast for all you listeners! Fantastic! He starts off with Adnan Syed’s case and does episodes after Undislosed uploads theirs. But it is more listener based. He answers questions and tosses theories about. I really enjoy this! And I say this in the best way, it is sorta like an after show for Undisclosed. It is sitting down with another obsessed listener/friend and engaging with them about all the evidence bombs that the Undiclosed team just dropped! Bob Ruff has conviction and passion for not only Adnan’s case but also for injustice in all cases. He has a strong desire to reform the system and try to make it better!

Undisclosed – Last month I was hooked on Serial and Real Crime Profile. Now I bring you Undisclosed. If you’ve listen to Serial then YOU. MUST. LISTEN. TO. THIS. PODCAST!! Rabia Chaudry is the lovely and intelligent woman whom brought Adnan Syed’s case to Sarah Koenig! This podcast dives into the evidence, explains it all in detail and keeps you updated on all thing Adnan! This team is impossible not to love and the amount you’ll learn is astonishing! Collin brings you case law and somehow by the end you have a full grasp of the rulings he brings up! A must listen!

Well lovely readers…that is all for this month! I have been binge listening to more podcasts that ever before! And while it is not in my favorites, I do highly recommend the movie WEST OF MEMPHIS! Amazing documentary about the West Memphis 3 and their case, I watched it on Netflix Canada and so glad I did. Been telling friends to watch it as well!


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