Papered Kiss Subscription Box

image2So the other month I did a review on Planner Packs Subscription Box and now I am bringing you Papered Kiss Monthly Box. I loved! Her work is gorgeous and I had to at least try her Monthly Box! Spoiler! So glad I did!

I wish for this picture I had spread out ALL of the stickers because without them the box looks a bit empty, which when you look at all the stickers (see the picture below) that is not the case. lol

The theme was Pastel in Paris and Vanessa knocked this out of the park! The colors are so gorgeous! I really should have taken a picture of my layout before it was filled with my client schedule and private info. Note to image1future planner self! If you are interested in trying another Monthly Box I highly recommend this! The extras you get are really cute but the amount of stickers you get will make your planner heart happy! Seriously…look at all of these stickers! And because I never use ALL the stickers in a kit I’ll be able to get at least 3 weeks with this box! And that makes my frugal heart EXTRA happy!



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